The TCM (LSS) Ltd Modular Lean™ System is a block by block route to creating a leaner business. The target for the system is primarily small to medium sized enterprises who may feel a full consultancy engagement is not for them. The Modular Lean™ System consists of a number of interconnected building blocks that are designed to help a company move towards improved performance and, eventually, to World Class Performance at their own speed and by utilising the skills of their very own people.

Below are a few, brief examples of the type of blocks available. We will work with you to tailor an implementation plan for your business at a rate with which you are comfortable. For smaller businesses it is possible to do these modules in an out of office environment with employees from other, similar businesses, though this is very much dependent on demand.

An Eagle's View - Value Stream Mapping

Sometimes called Material and Information Flow Analysis, Value Stream mapping is about gaining an overall view of your business processes and where the problems exist. By learning to map your processes and by continually refreshing your map, your business can identify a navigable route through the difficulties of improvement

Sorting things out - 5s & Workplace Organisation

For many businesses, particularly manufacturers, one of the first things they will attempt is 5S (or 6S). The theory is that if your workplace is tidy and organised it is easier to spot problems and issues. To begin with it seems easy but making it stick is where the difficulties arise. We're here to help.

Working it out - Practical Problem Solving

So what's the point of identifying all these problems if your business does not know how to go about solving them in a structured manner? This module teaches groups of employees to work their way through a problem and to identify and implement a solution. We challenge each employee who does this course to solve a problem and to save you money as a result.

Creating the norm - Standard Work & Line Balancing

How do you know when you have a problem? How do you know when a function is not performing at its optimum? Standard Work helps to show you and we are there for you to help your employees design and implement their own Standard Work and take one more step on the road to being the best you can be.

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Seeing the business - Visual Management

Imagine walking out onto your workplace and knowing within minutes the exact state of operations. Imagine being able to look to one place and know exactly what is happening in your department, or on your shop floor or at your machine that week, or day, or hour, or right now. Would you feel you had control if you had that sort of data? That's what Visual management is about and TCM (LSS) Ltd are here to help you achieve it

Future targets - Policy Deployment

Knowing where you are trying to go and how you plan to get there is fundamental to any business development. Setting goals that are achievable, a structured path to your destination and a set of timed objectives on the route there will help your business fulfill its potential