The most important aspect of any engagement with a Lean Consultancy is knowing that your business will be left enriched by the experience. Your people are the ones who will help your business blossom and, with every visit, TCM (LSS) Ltd aim to provide them with the tools to achieve the next stage of growth by thorough training and continuing engagement



The Modular Lean™ System is a means for small to medium sized enterprises to gain the benefits of lean consultancy without the upfront cost of a long engagement. The Modular Lean™ System allows the business to pick their own way through the Lean maze, with the help of our consultants, engaging only when training or support is required or desired



Corporate clients often prefer to bring in a team of consultants or coaches due to the number of employees to be engaged or the tight timescales involved.

TCM (LSS) Ltd are happy to work in this manner and will be delighted to work with your own team to plan an engagement strategy prior to the on-site deployment of a team of professional consultants. Contact us below for a confidential chat



TCM (LSS) Ltd offers training and consultancy services in all aspects of business improvement. By developing the Modular Lean™ System, TCM (LSS) Ltd opened up the prospect of full consultancy engagement to small and medium sized enterprises who, otherwise, may have felt priced out of the consultancy market. TCM (LSS) Ltd offer a path to prosperity for your business by training your staff according to a pre-agreed training plan and at a pace suited to your business.

Larger corporate clients, whilst they may wish to engage with the Modular Lean™ System, may choose, instead, to make their own plans and to engage a team of Lean consultants to help them deliver that change at a faster pace. TCM (LSS) Ltd are happy to engage in this manner and have access to many consultants covering many specialty areas.

Whatever your business problem, TCM (LSS) Ltd are here to help you find the solution. We are happy to engage at every step on your journey or just when you need us most. NO Lean journey is easy, but at TCM (LSS) Ltd, we like to think we can help you to ease the pain. We want to help your business be better able to deal with new situations and new problems


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